Children's Responsibilities

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Size: 320mm x 455mm 

Lamination: Encapsulated Lamination


Full colour wall charts / posters depicting Children's responsibilities. This chart lists 12 responsibilities that children have such as:

  • to listen, to learn and to be willing to be educated; 
  • to respect and support adults;
  • to treat others with respect and to be prepared to protect their rights; 
  • to allow others to communicate and to assist them in doing so;
  • to be taught together with teachers and assist them in the learning process;
  • to cooperate with others and to ensure a secure environment;
  • to recognise, allow and respect differences in others;
  • to seek access to information, and to be hard working;
  • to respect others as individuals
  • to be willing to be educated, to cooperate and listen attentively;
  • to learn to accept the different languages of others;
  • to be prepared to accept, respect and help protect the culture and religious convictions of others.