Spinning Wheels

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Spinning Wheels Game


320 x 455mm and laminated.

2 - 4 players or as a workcard for individual learners. The game comes with 4 playing counters and 1 die (dice). Reinforces the skills of changing improper fractions to mixed numerals in a limited time span; multiplication; division; and calculator skills if required. Instructions - 2 - 4 players: When landing on sections with numbers the player must look at the number in the centre of the circle, eg. if they land on a 12 and the centre circle says 5, they must say 12/5 is 2 2/5. The player must always give the mixed numeral as the answer. Individuals: Learners write down all the improper fractions from each circle and then writes down the correct mixed numeral next to each improper fraction.
Product code: LM3