Klank- en Spelboek 3

Recommended for use in Grade 3

Product code: WI-KSB3

ISBN: 978-1-77032-435-0

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An indispensable homework book to improve the learner’s ability to read, write and spell. It provides an opportunity for pupils to write and memorise words daily, and to be tested on the entire week’s words on Fridays. All the words and sounds are CAPS compliant, providing the perfect complement to the classroom curriculum for Grade 3. This book guides learners to write and spell 11–15 words each week, and introduces them to five additional sight words. The learners write sentences using that week’s words in the spaces provided, and complete activities to reinforce and practise the words learnt. We also highlight an idiom each week, aimed at encouraging active learning by allowing pupils to find out what they mean.

Size: A4
Length: 80 Pages
Language: Afrikaans