Sithanda Isizulu Set Three: Grade 7

Product code: WI-Z-P3

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Minimum order quantity of 1 per student in a grade or class. On our website the minimum order quantity is 40.

Product code: WI-Z-P3
This programme contains the following:
-Teacher's manual: Everything the teacher needs - a lesson for each day; homework given; aids required; when to test the learners.
-Tests and answers: This book contains all the tests and answers needed for the year.  It may be photocopied for the learners.
-Transparencies and games: A book with the necessary transparencies (can be copied or burnt onto transparencies) and the games needed for the lessons as stated in the teachers manual.  Photocopying is permitted.
-The pupils workbook:  This book has all the worksheets required according to the teachers manual.  It can be photocopied for the learners or alternatively you can purchase the workbooks already made up, from us.  Product code: WI-ZW-3