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Sound Charts — Grade 3 (NOT Laminated)

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Code: C3


41 wall posters / charts displaying different phonetic sounds, and words that include those sounds.

Extension of Consonant Blends

-nd stand; spend; brand; blend; gland

-lt spilt; stilt; smelt

-ft left; drift; swift

-mp skimp; slump; clamp; plump; stamp

-pt slept; crept; swept

-nt print; blunt; stunt; spent; scant

-st crust; trust; twist

-sk brisk; frisk

-sp lisp; crisp

Consonant Blends

qu- quick; quiet; queen; quote; quarter

-nk drink; blink; trunk; blank; plank

-ss cross; dress; press; bliss; floss

-ng sling; swing; clang; prong; stung

-ff cliff; stiff; bluff; snuff; scoff

-ll skill; spill; skull; spell; smell

Consonant Digraphs

ch- chill; chimp; chest; champ; chunk

-th- bath; cloth; think; thank

-sh brush; crash; fresh; flash

-tch itch; witch; catch; fetch

-nch pinch; hunch; bench; lunch; finch

Unstressed "-le"

If preceeded by one consonant, the preceding vowel is long.

-le able; bible; cradle; stable

If preceeded by two or more consonants, the preceding vowel is short.

-le bottle; needle; middle; jumble; puzzle

Double Vowels

-ou- couch; house; mouth; ground

-au- haul; maul; taut; August

-oa- boat; road; foam; soap

-ai- pail; pain; snail; maid; again

-ea- leaf; meal; clean; speak; dream


-ie- tie; flies; pies; dried; cried

-ue- (pronounced "you") cue; due; avenue; Tuesday

-igh high; light; night; knight; height

-ew- new; dew; stew; knew

-ue- (pronounced -oo- glue; blue; clue; true

-oi- soil; coin; point; toilet; choice

Fairy "e" after soft "c"

-ce dice; face; price; truce; space

Fairy "e" after soft "g"

-age age; rage; page; cage; stage

Final "-y"

-y lady; story; sticky; happy; puppy

-air air; lair; fair; hair; chair

-are scare; share; glare; care; rare

Long -o colt; bolt; bold; cold

"Barn" -a- (pronounced "ah") ask; pass; plant; grasp; craft

Long -i- find; wild; child; blind; behind

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