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Gesonde Leefwyse: Gesonde daaglikse gewoontes

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Size: 320mm x 455mm  How big is this?
Lamination: Encapsulated Lamination


Full colour wall chart / poster depicting healthy daily habits with a cartoon picture and a caption describing each habit, in Afrikaans " Gesonde Leefwyse: Gesonde daaglikse gewoontes ". These include:

  • Get enough sleep  " kry genoeg slaap "
  • Keep clean  " Bly skoon "
  • Eat healthy food. Wash fruit before eating.  " Eet gesonde kos. Was vrugte voordat jy dit eet. " 
  • Do not watch too much TV.  " Moenie te lank TV kyk nie. "
  • Get lots of exercise. " Kry baie oefening "
  • Develop good toilet habits. " Ontwikkel goeie toiletgewoontes "