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Lewensvaardigheid - Graad 1 - Aanvangskennis en Persoonlike en Sosiale Welsyn

Recommended for use in Grade 1

R 65.00
This book may not be copied, scanned, nor duplicated in any way. A book must be purchased for each learner.

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Code: WI-LS1-A
ISBN: 9781990983238
Size: A4
Length: 84 pages
Language: Afrikaans


You can relax knowing all your "Lewensvaardigheid - Aanvangskennis en Persoonlike en Sosiale Welsyn" - is sorted for the year!

This book encompasses everything required in the CAPS syllabus for "Lewensvaardigheid - Aanvangskennis en Persoonlike en Sosiale Welsyn" for Grade 1. The topics even match the CAPS time periods specified. Base your lessons around the comprehensive worksheets and save yourself hours.

Religious Days, Special Days, and Festivals are required at the end of each term. Because this section can be personal and specific to people, cultures, and schools, we have decided to let the teachers choose what's appropriate for their classes and schools. We have left blank pages for that section.

However, we'll soon be launching 20 foundation phase worksheets at a nominal price, covering a variety of these days. You'll be able to buy and download them from our website, copy as needed, and the learners can paste them into their Lewensvaardigheid books on the blank pages provided.