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FREE DELIVERY for website orders of R1,000 or more.

Blare: Primêre Funksies

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Code: NS-LPF-A
Size: 320mm x 455mm  How big is this?
Lamination: Encapsulated Lamination


Full colour wall chart / poster listing the primary functions of leaves and explains how leaves work, in Afrikaans " Blare: " Primere Funksies ". These primary functions are:

  • Manufacture of food.  " Vervaardiging van voedsel "
  • Interchange of gases.  " Uitruiling van gasse "
  • Evaporation of water.  " Verdamping van Water " 
  • Storage of food.  " Berging van Voedsel "
  • Vegetative reproduction.  " Vegetatiewe voortplanting "
  • Provide shade and shelter to the stem and root system.  " Verskaf skadu en skuiling aan die stam en wortelstelsel "