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Sound Charts: Grade 1 (NOT Laminated)

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Code: C1


26 wall posters / charts displaying different phonetic sounds, and words that include those sounds.

Short Vowel Sounds (2 & 3 Letter Words)

-a- jam; map; has; hat; wax

-e- net; hem; pen; leg; bed

-i- in; pig; him; mix; did

-o- on; cop; sob; box; pot

-u- bus; fun; mug; bud

Final Consonant Blends

-ck endings duck; back; neck; lock; sick

Consonant Blends: “-r”

br- brat; brag; bred; bran; brick

cr- crib; crab; crop; crook; crack;

dr- drag; drum; drab; drop; drip

fr- frog; Fred; fret; from

gr- grin; grip; grub; grab; gran

pr- pram; prick; prod; prop; prim

tr- trim; trap; trod; trick; truck

Consonant Blends: “-l”

bl- blot; blob; bled; block; black

cl- clock; club; clip; clap; cluck

fl- flag; fled; flick; flock

gl- glad; glen; glut; glum

pl- plugs; plan; plus; plop; plum

sl- sled; slip; slot; slam; slack

Consonant Blends: “s-“

sc- scan; scab; scum

sk- skip; skin; skid; skit; skim

sm- smog; smut; smack

sn- snip; snug; snap; snob; snack

sp- sped; span; spot; spin;

st- stab; stem; stick; stuck

sw- swim; swop

tw- twin; twig

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