Sound Charts: Grade 2

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44 wall posters / charts displaying different phonetic sounds, and words that include those sounds.

Consonant Blends

-ck stack; crack; stuck; flock; brick

-ft lift; gift; left; soft; tuft

-mp limp; lamp; camp; dump; pump

-ng sing; rung; long; bang

-nt tent; hunt; hint; ant

-st nest; dust; cost; mist

-ct act; fact; pact; tact; duct

-lt melt; belt; wilt; felt; tilt

-nd end; fund; wind; hand; pond

-nk ink; tank; sunk; pink; bank

-sk risk; desk; dusk; husk; rusk

Consonant Digraphs

ch- chin; chick; chap; chunk; check

sh- ship; shed; shell; shop; shut

th- thin; then; theft; them; thank

qu- quick; quill; quit; quiz

-ch rich; such; much

-sh fish; wish; cash; hush

-th with; moth; sixth; cloth; tenth

wh- whiff; whisk; when; which; whack

Final Double Consonant Blends

-ff tiff; Jeff; huff; cuff; puff

-ll hill; bell; doll; gull; well

-(a)ll ball; call; tall; hall; wall

-ss hiss; less; fuss; boss; mass

Final "-y"

-y fly; my; sky; cry; why

-y jelly; baby; lucky; funny; puppy

Double Vowels

-ee- bee; tree; wee; sheep; bleed

-oo- cook; wool; good; foot; brook

-ay day; play; clay; may; stay

-aw- crawl; raw; saw; lawn; straw

-oo- food; stool; proof; moon; broom

-oe- foe; toe; doe; hoe; woe

-oy joy; coy; boy; enjoy

-ow- owl; now; growl; clown; frown

Magic "-e"

-a-e sale; rake; case; shave; blame

-i-e- kite; mine; wide; prize; while

-u-e prune; tune; flute; rude; cube

-e-e eve; Pete; Steve; theme

-o-e stove; home; nose; rope

Magit (Bossy) "-r"

-ar- car; dart; hard; farm; march

-ir- bird; girl; firm; whirl; third

-ur- church; burn; curl; fur

-er- her; herb; fern; verb; perfect

-or- nor; fork; corn; short; storm

-er- (unstressed) mother; butter; fatter; sister