Gesonde Leefwyse: Bly skoon

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Size: 320mm x 455mm 

Lamination: Encapsulated Lamination


Full colour wall chart / poster depicting ways to keep clean, in Afrikaans " Gesonde Leefwyse: Bly skoon ". This poster has a cartoon picture and a caption describing each action. These include:

  • Bath or wash every day  " Bad of was elke dag "
  • Wash your hands before you eat  " Was jou hande voordat jy eet "
  • Wash your hair regularly  " Was jou hare gereeld "
  • Brush your hair " Borsel jou hare. "
  • Scrub your nails and keep them short  " Skrop jou naels en hou hulle kort gesny "
  • Brush your teeth twice a day  " Borsel jou tande tweemaal elke dag "