My Own Maths Workbook 3 Part 2 (Single Book)

Product code: WI-MW3.2-E

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Minimum order quantity of 1 per student in a grade or class. On our website the minimum order quantity is 40.

My Own Maths Workbook 3 Part 2

This is a single book. Minimum order quantity of 1 book per learner in a classroom.

Product code: WI-MW3.2-E

A4 size book.  

The most comprehensive Grade 3 Maths books on the market. The books cover all of the skills required by CAPS, including word problems. A must have for every foundation phase teacher and learner! 

There is a Part 1 and Part 2 that together complete the whole year.
Enlarge the contents page below (coming soon) to see what is in this workbook.
These books may not be copied and the minimum order is 10 books.  However if you do homeschooling please contact us to purchase individual books.