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Quick Maths 4 — Context free sums for daily practise

Recommended for use in Grade 4

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Code: WI-QM4-E
ISBN: 9781776435029
Size: A4
Length: 39 pages
Language: English


This book aims to give learners a quick, weekly dose of arithmetic practise. Educators are welcome to use these "tests" as weekly spot tests as part of their continuous assessment. We have distilled the syllabus into 36 pages of exercises worth 20 marks each. This book follows the CAPS curriculum progression for Grade 4. Confident Grade 3 learners are welcome to use this book. Developing confidence, speed and accuracy in simple arithmetic; pave a strong foundation for the other mathematical functions they will learn later in the curriculum. It is essential for learners to keep practising arithmetics even on weeks when it is not the topic of teaching.

Practise makes fewer mistakes.

The average time taken to complete a test is 0:03:00- perfect for a quick weekly drill.

Coverage in this book:

  • 1-digit: 1-digit multiplication
  • 2-digit: 2-digit multiplication
  • 2-digit: 1-digit division
  • 3-digit: 1-digit division
  • Inversions of the above
  • Identifying factors
  • Data handling

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